visual poems

A col­lec­tion of my pho­tos accom­pa­nied by the won­der­ful poet­ry of my dear Friend

Cyn Luck­ey.

Sleeping Giants

I am a sleep­ing giant
Bound for heav­en in my dreams
To stand upright
And walk upon the earth
To meet the great moun­tains
My broth­ers
And sing songs of mor­tal men
For though guardians of majesty
And keep­ers of length­en­ing shad­ows
We are alone, we are lone­ly
And we wait
For echoes
– Cyn Luck­ey

Ben Nevis in evening light

Circle of Life

Once I was new
In a world of tow­er­ing col­or
And I burst forth
Eager to fill my cells with life
Once I was beau­ti­ful
My body afire in the wan­ing sun
Curl­ing my edges
With patient grace
Once I was dying
And I fell soft­ly to earth
Rocked to peace­ful sleep
In the arms of the ancients
– Cyn Luck­ey

Leaves in Win­ter


We are clos­er to heav­en
Than we know
Clos­er to the per­fec­tion
Of sight and heart
Of majesty and poet­ry
Of still­ness of the soul
And time beloved
Slow­ly wan­ing into night
Be watch­ful, be hope­ful
All ye chil­dren of the earth
Is where you are
–Cyn Luck­ey

Munlochy Bay /Scotland in the Evening Light

Queen of Flowers

The beau­ty
Of nature
The per­fec­tion
Of cells
The intri­ca­cy
Of sim­plic­i­ty
The elo­quence
Of grace
The brevi­ty
Of life
All in
One flower 
–Cyn Luck­ey

Callas in b/w


The morn­ing is still wak­ing
Its eyes still blink­ing with sleep
Its yawn illu­mi­nat­ing the for­est
With heav­en­ly light
It is said we exist only
In the dreams of gods
But it can­not be true
For this beau­ti­ful earth
This ethe­re­al sun
This pre­cious leaf
Can only be born
In us

Sun­shine in Autumn

Remember Me

When I am old
When my col­or fades to pale
And I can no longer fight time
Remem­ber me
Not just the way I was
So young and filled with life
But when I bent with age
When I lay my head down with sleep
Unable to see the sun
Remem­ber me
And every glo­ri­ous moment
Of this won­der­ful life
–Cyn Luck­ey

at the end.…

Singing Heavens

The heav­ens are singing
Send­ing songs of glo­ry
Through rev­er­ent air
Notes as clear and true as time
And we should still to lis­ten

The heav­ens are watch­ing
Aged eyes sor­rowed with tears
But anchored in fer­vent hope
We will turn to look into the sun
And see the beau­ty in this life

-Cyn Luck­ey


No Rest

No rest be mine this day
I must do my sworn duty
And ardent­ly bow
To the task before me
But maybe, just this once,
Just this once
I might tar­ry awhile
To sit upon this throne
Of aston­ish­ing beau­ty
And imag­ine I am king
Of this mag­nif­i­cent world

–Cyn Luck­ey

busy bee

It was mine

I am a wit­ness to this moment
The air, how still she lies
The earth, paint­ed with fever
The sea, so wild and beau­ti­ful
This exact moment
Thick clouds rustling over­head
Whis­per­ing their secrets
A moment spent, a moment lost
Nev­er to be here again
But while it last­ed, it was mine

– Cyn Luck­ey

Skye /Scotland

Weathered souls

They are watch­ing
These old, weath­ered souls
These great grand­fa­thers of time
Won­der­ing if we will show
Kind­ness to the earth
For it is our turn
To tend this ancient land
To make nature proud
And ease the souls of the forests
The birds of the air
And the hearts of the oceans
– Cyn Luck­ey

In the For­est


The world
Is hap­pen­ing
All around us
Just for a moment
To lis­ten

For one breath more
To hear

One heart­beat more
To look
Anoth­er heart­beat
To see

Is the beau­ti­ful sound
And the glo­ri­ous col­or
Of your life

–Cyn Luck­ey

to be con­tin­ued.….

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