The Steall Falls

Dur­ing our stay in Fort William we also made a trip to the Steall Falls. The Steall Falls (also Eas an Steill or An Steall Ban in Gael­ic, which means “the white drain”) are the sec­ond high­est water­falls in Scot­land with a height of about 120 meters.

The whole Route of the Day…

The plan was to take the bus down to the Low­er Falls, but I did not want to wait an hour for it, so we chose to walk past Glen Nevis Vis­i­tor Cen­ter and Glen Nevis Youth Hos­tel along the C1162. You should not turn left onto a path, oth­er­wise you are on the direct path to Ben Nevis (and this was not on the this time). It was a won­der­ful hike and because of my con­stant stops for pho­tos, it took us almost 2.5 hours just to get to the Low­er Falls.

View over the Riv­er Nevis from the Bridge at The Glen Nevis Vis­i­tor Cen­ter
along with the Riv­er Nevis ( on the right)
view over to the
Ben Nevis Inn & Bunkhouse
some rain drops on our way along the riv­er Nevis ( on the left)
keep walk­ing
and walk­ing

one of my favorite pho­tos
favorite pho­to object of my hus­band
just anoth­er fast shot .…my Hus­band
finally..the Low­er Falls

It should take anoth­er 2 hours from the Low­er Falls to the Steall Falls. The way was not dif­fi­cult but with some steep spots and who knows me knows how much I hate going uphill. The land­scape has made me as breath­less as the way itself (and that’s meant as a com­pli­ment).
The Nevis Gorge, it’s been said, is where Scot­land pays its lit­tle trib­ute to the Himalayas. High walls of crag and boul­der rise on either side. The path runs through a nar­row gap where for­est clings to the steep hill­side and the riv­er crash­es below among its boul­ders.

Won­der­ful Vievs on our Way to the Nevis Gorge
View down to the riv­er
I believe in Fairys.…
keep walk­ing and walk­ing…

The ter­rain then became steep­er and the riv­er was only vis­i­ble from time to time, hid­den by huge boul­ders. The path climbs then up a rocky sec­tion with the aid of steps and a wood­en hand-rail, before reach­ing the top of the gorge.

and some more stairs…
just do not look down ..
I remem­bered the warn­ing sign again
“Dan­ger of Death, fatal acci­dents occur”

We were not pre­pared for the won­der­ful sight before us.

The glen sud­den­ly broad­ens out once more to form a grassy mead­ow dec­o­rat­ed with wild flow­ers and sur­round­ed by moun­tain­sides and spots with beau­ti­ful Scot­tish Heather.

Almost there.….

The Steall Falls crowned the end of the mead­ow, but sud­den­ly the water­falls were no longer the main attrac­tion for me. I sat down on a big rock and enjoyed the view. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I was accom­pa­nied by 100000 Midges and so even the short lunch became an adven­ture.
(short sto­ry to smile.…..yes we had bought the uni­ver­sal­ly rec­om­mend­ed Avon “Skin so soft”, but on that day, the only one we need­ed it, we for­got to put it in the back­pack, instead I had it
in my hand lug­gage on the flight home where it caused an extra secu­ri­ty check for me at the air­port)

look back to the Nevis Gorge
the majes­tic Steall Falls
i just love trees…

Heather (we took some to send it to our Friends all over the world)
anoth­er awe­some view…

The last third to direct­ly to the water­fall is not for the faint of heart. It goes on a “bridge”, which con­sists only of a steel cable for the feet and two oth­er steel cables to hold on the riv­er. You go there in about 2–3 meters height. On the oth­er bank, this bridge is tied to a rock that you have to climb up a bit. Then the path con­tin­ues and leads direct­ly to the water­fall .. we did not go over the bridge (because of my fear of heights) and because so many peo­ple were already there. The Steall Falls are a pop­u­lar spot and at times there were even small “trafi­ic jams” on the way up, but we would have regret­ted if we had not made this hike.….

You can find a good route descrip­tion with maps and GPS coor­di­nates here:
and here anoth­er great walk­trough

some­times you just need to do a self­ie…

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