Hiking in Glencoe

Glencoe Lochan trails

We start­ed our day in Glen­coe with a won­der­ful walk along the Glen­coe Lochan trails. From Fort William we took the bus to Glen­coe Vil­lage and made our way to the Glen­coe Lochan car park.. There are a total of three well-marked trails through for­est and around Loch Lev­en with the dra­mat­ic moun­tains as back­ground. A good descrip­tion of all three walks can be found at

yes, i am a Fan of these red phone booth

blue way­marked ‘Moun­tain Trail’
nice view from the high­est Point
and down again
 lochside path
a nice place for a pic­nic
a place to for­get the time
the clouds came and went

Glencoe Orbital Track

Its a Map 🙂

After a very short break (enough for anoth­er cere­al bar and a sip of water) we fol­lowed the path of the Orbital Trail. It goes straight through the wood­land and past the Pap of Glen­coe and Sig­nal Rock (where accord­ing to leg­ends the sig­nal is giv­en to begin the Glen­coe Mas­sacre.)

a bit of blue sky
the weath­er changed very fast
always for­ward
dark clouds over our Heads but the sun before us
and here i fall in love again…

After about an hour we reached the Clachaig Inn for lunch. Unfor­tu­nate­ly it was rain­ing so that we could not enjoy the cof­fee in front of the mag­nif­i­cent moun­tain scenery.

From there we went along a nar­row sin­gle road along the Riv­er Coe to the Coe Riv­er Water­falls. The rain did not stop, but the scenery was just too breath­tak­ing to turn around.

on the road again
still smil­ing
and rain again.…

keep walk­ing

Riv­er Coe in all his glo­ry
Coe Riv­er Water­fall

and dark clouds almost ruined this pho­to…

I think that was the third time that we got real­ly wet…
Time to move on…

To reach Loch Achtri­ochtan we had to cross the busy A82. It took a bit of patience, because this is the main artery through the Glen.

Loch Achtri­ochtan in the sun­shine would have been nice, because in the pour­ing rain I did not want to unpack my cam­era. All pho­tos from there have been tak­en with my mobile phone. The fly fish­er­men did not both­er the weath­er any more than we did. Unfor­tu­nate­ly the time passed much too fast and we had to turn around to reach our bus. But we will come back …..

over anoth­er Bridge
Loch Achtri­ochtan
a last view almost with tears in my eyes..or maybe it was just the rain..

to be con­tin­ued.….……

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