Fort William- Cow Hill

Dur­ing our stay in Fort William, in August 2018 we also made a won­der­ful morn­ing hike to Cow Hill.
This was a fab­u­lous walk, crowned with some stun­ning views of the Ben Nevis Range , Loch Linnhe and Loch Eil and the town­ship of Fort William and its envi­rons. 

Since our AirBnB was already close to one of the access­es to the cir­cu­lar walk we did not have to start as often rec­om­mend­ed at the Brave­heart park­ing lot.

The Path quick­ly emerged into a heath­land, with a gen­tle, rolling trail that went around Cow Hill and the heather (Cal­lu­na vul­garis) were still in bloom.…

after some rain

heather every­where

Cal­lu­na vul­garis)
way up to the Cow Hill Mast

…but the cen­tre­piece of the view remained the Ben Nevis Range on the one side and Loch Linnhe on the oth­er side.

Loch Linnhe

Nevis Range

anoth­er view
beside the path
view from the sum­mit down to Fort William
some more rain
self­ie time

From the sum­mit we had to take the same way back to the cir­cu­lar path, which then soon
passed through a wood­land

take the long way
through the woods

left by the Fairys ?
lit­tle trea­sures
a last view before we had a nice Cof­fee

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